DOWN DOG, 2022

10' 11"

Single-channel video installation, reclaimed wooden structure, dog food. 

DOWN DOG is an experimental fictional short film that plays with film trailer structure, kitsch internet aesthetics and POV camera angles. It follows a narrative shaped by fear, shame, pleasure and revenge. A girl who believes that she is a dog crawls around on all fours whilst barking - meanwhile she is watched by a man dressed in a bush costume. The girl senses the penetrating, voyeuristic gaze of the Man in the Bush which forces her to flee, in a haze of paranoia she seeks help from the local Bitch. Upon being shamed by the Bitch, her paranoia and canine delusions take hold - she is a creep, she is a weirdo - and nothing can stop her rampage. 

DOWN DOG makes reference to folk stories and urban legends of feral children and ancient myth and uses these reference points to delve into ideas of transformation, entrapment, identity, animalistic desire, voyeurism and breach of domestic space. 

Presented @ Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show, Amsterdam, July 2022.

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