Home Invasion (2019) Elza Ozolīte & Killian Butler

Performance and Installation at Trauma, Berlin as part of Angel One.

wedding dress with magnesium sulphate crystals, wire, fabric, wood, dough.

Duration: 15 minutes

With their first collaboration, the artists Elza Ozolīte and Killian Butler continue their artistic research on the perception and construction of persona, traditional roles within society, and idealised beauty. Their artistic practice consists of merging mediums organically in a chaotic amalgamation, including sculpture, performance, video and photography. This work in particular is a commentary on domesticity and a continuation of the exploration of the themes of hedonism, ritualistic behaviours, perversion of the persona and distortion/dismantling of perceived/unattainable perfection based on societal pressure and custom. A central feature of the piece is the female body and the voyeuristic gaze > the viewer as the voyeur. Elements of guilt, embarrassment and shame are brought to the surface, shown through the figure; both the physical performer and the projected performer, hiding beneath a skin-like covering while performing almost-sexualised movements, the covering acting as a protective veil between viewer and performer.

Performers: Daria Blum, Lena Bösch, Natascha Domino, Marie-Madeline Fürbeth, Henry McMaster, Misa Harz, Carmel Michaeli

Soundscape: Yves Tumor

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